duminică, 24 august 2008


Do you think your heart can just stop functioning? And I'm not talking here about pumping blood...can you stop having feelings? Can you lose your ability to love? Is it possible for your heart to become just an organ?
You use it to its maximum power...and your heart's shining cuz it knows it's doing a good job. And then one day...there's the shock - everything stops for a moment...and your heart...ow well...your heart gets stuck in that moment. Is that when you don't feel anything anymore? For anyone?

Sometimes, we reach the top. And coming down from there just makes us waste energy, forget what we have to do...our heart gets caught in the inertia...and it doesn't come down the hill with us...

What if it's true? What if we can only cry a certain number of tears? What if our heart has a certain number of beats per life? What if we waste them for all the wrong reasons?

How can we know? How can we know when it's ok to cry? How do we know when to stop? How do we know that a feeling is worth a stroke? How come we never know when our heart's gonna leave us?

Is being in the dark a good thing? I guess it is...because in the dark, you'll always find hope.

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